“If you don't have anything nice to say about anyone....come sit by me."

(Olympia Dukakis)

"I like the brick pavers a lot. The street lights look great, and so does the rock wall." - Alderwomen Leslye Francomb (Galena) - downtown reconstruction


"I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on your professionalism and attention to detail. Very impressive… Your response time from our initial contact was fantastic! In addition, you took the time to detail the steps involved in our project. Lastly, not only did you deliver what you stated you were going to do, but your final inspection and follow up after the sale was above and beyond!" - Terry Heim (President - Coldwell Banker Realty) (Galena Territory) - driveway extension


"I don’t like it……….I love it." – Mary Tracey (Galena Territory) – flagstone patio


"Your guys are doing a great job" - Jim Rigdon (Director of Streets & Maintenance, City of Galena) - snow removal contract with the City of Galena for the public parks, steps & sidewalks.


"It was a pleasure working with you on our pool wall project. The professional way you completed this job was deeply appreciated by my committee, and especially by me. If you ever need an endorsement as to the quality of your work, give me a call" - Bill Gee (Apple Canyon Lake Board of Directors – Maintanance Committee Chairman) (Apple Canyon Lake) - retaining wall for pool


"The house looks like it's been there for years, thanks to you two. We are so happy with it all!" - Cammy & Gary Seaman (Galena Territory) - plantings, stone walls, walks, lawn, irrigation, etc, etc, etc


"Front walk looks absolutely great. I'm very, very happy with it." - Vickie S (Galena Territory) - resetting flagstone walk


"It's beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The brick patio is perfect and the steps are wonderful, as are the boulders for the garden area" - Kitty Young & Jim Thornton (Galena Territory) - brick patio, stone steps, stone wall extension


"It sure was a pleasure having your company install and service the landscaping at our home. Besides having a fair price, I think I mostly appreciated your honesty." - Bob D'Amico (Galena Territory) - lawn, stone work, driveway


"You really made our house beautiful with all of the natural stone. All of your people are just great to work with and we look forward to working with you next spring." - Jim & Kitty Rhodes (rural Apple River) - stone step, stone wall & stone walk


"A great job. We're very pleased" – Elaine & Karl Scheld (Galena Territory) - stone wall


"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the landscaping and how pleasant your crew was. The men were hardworking and efficient. Thanks again." - Jackie Richardson (Galena) - stone walls


"Thanks for the very nice job that you and your men did for us. Your staff was very courteous, patient and understanding. We are very pleased." - Wendell Arnold - retaining wall and cleanup


"Thanks for doing such a super job!" - Susie Wilson (Galena Territory) - trees


"Were very pleased with your work - thanks." - Rich & Joanne Birkenbeuel (Galena Territory) - driveway work and cleanup


"Thanks for another great job" - David & Susan French (Galena Territory) - plantings


"Thanks, they look great" - Pat & Patty Shaw (Galena Territory) - trees


"Our thanks to you for doing so much to give our home the finishing touches that it needed" - Dawn Wulf (Apple Canyon Lake) - stone walls, lawn, & plant beds


"Jack and I were on the site Saturday and the wall looks magnificent! Keep up the good work. It is beautiful." - Joanne Swanson (Apple Canyon Lake) - stone walls


"You did an excellent job, many thanks." - Jim Sheerin (Galena Territory) - plant bed maintenance


"Thank you! Great job, we are very pleased." - John Palmer (Galena) - split rail fence & gate


"Thanks for all the work this year - we've gotten a number of compliments on the landscaping you did for us." - Bob & Diane Sellinger (Galena Territory) - lawn, plantings, stone steps, flagstone walk & stone retaining walls


"Terry (the foreman) did a fine job, thanks again!" - Roger Hudon (Scales Mound) - stone walls


"Great job on the Patio!! Terry did a great job." - Don Fouts (Galena Territory) - brick patio / walkway & shade garden


"We are very pleased with the work that you did on our home, including the original drive retaining wall and steps on the steep side of our side yard." - Jerry & Sue Erzen (Galena Territory) - stone wall, driveway extension & stone steps


"Please extend our thanks to the crew for a job well done." - Laura & Matt Amdal (Galena) - stone walls


"Thanks for being so prompt with this new job - we really appreciate it!" - Patti Brannigan (Galena Territory) - stone steps, stone walls & planting


"My thanks to you and your crew for an outstanding piece of landscaping work at our lakehouse, If you ever need a reference in which they need to talk to a customer, please do not hesitate to call me." – David & Chris Lubert (Apple Canyon Lake) – stone fire pit, driveway retaining wall, stone steps, plant bed edging & wood beam steps


"Thank you so much. The patio looks great. A pleasure doing business with you." – Leslye Francomb (Galena) – plant bed edging


“Excellent work as always. We appreciated your crews creative eye.” – Brian Wydra (rural Hanover) – flagstone walk and steps


“Thanks again for the great job!” – Steven Briggs (rural Galena) – grading, stone walls, flagstone patio, wildflower planting


“Thanks. We love our new driveway.” – Eleanor & Jim Virkler (Galena Territory) – brick driveway


“Thank you very much. We love the patio!” – M. Lubin (Galena Territory) – brick patio


“We are so pleased” – Leslie McGuckin (Apple Canyon Lake) – perennial planting, lawn


“Thanks again for your great job on our landscaping. We are truly thrilled at your great design, quality work and even your meticulous clean-up.” – Nick & Leslie Petramale (Apple Canyon Lake) – stone walls


“You’ve got a great crew. They had great ideas.” – David Lawrence (Galena Territory) – stone edging, general cleanup


“Steps turned out wonderful.” - Sue Schmucker (Galena Territory) – stone steps


“Wonderful working with the crew. Everything turned out great. Hope to have the same crew back for future work.” – Sue Volkman (Galena Territory) – cleanup and transplanting


“Looks great, just great.” – Diane Hill (Galena Territory) – brick driveways


“We’re very pleased” – Marjorie Wellington (Galena Territory) – planting


“Everything looks fantastic.” – Jack & Lois Gatto (Galena Territory) – stone work, driveway, patio & walkway


“Everything looks great.” – Jack Thompson (Apple Canyon Lake) – stone steps


“Very professional. Beyond the call of duty.” - Ed Weller (Apple Canyon Lake) – Boat dock, stone wall & beach


“Thank you very much for your time and efforts and beautiful work.” – Kathy Angres (rural Galena) – driveway, stone steps, lawn


“Very pleased. Everything is just beautiful.” – John Sershon (Apple Canyon Lake) – stone walls, lawn


“Landscaping looks great. We’re very pleased.” – Diane Mills (Apple Canyon Lake) – planting, stone walls, stone steps, lawn


“Thanks for the nice job you did. It really looks nice.” – Ed Rundgren (Apple Canyon Lake) – stone walls, driveway


"Everything looks real good." – Dick Silver (Apple Canyon Lake) – stone wall addition


"The sod looks good." – Ralph Helm (Galena Territory) – sod


"Spent last Friday in Galena and was quite pleased to see the great job on the stone and landscaping. It looks wonderful." – Joe T (Galena Territory) – stone walls, lawn, under deck


"Very nice job! Thanks!" – Tom Aldrich (Galena Territory) – flagstone walkway and patio, stone garden


"Patio is spectacular" – Jane & Tom Moore (Galena Territory) – flagstone patio, planting


"Thanks! Looks great." - Pat Teare (Galena Territory) – planting 


"Everything looked just beautiful." - Gina Starwalt (Galena Territory) – concrete patio, stone steps, shade garden, stone walls, driveway


"Very pleased with all the work, especially the rock." – Joe Bardusk (Galena Territory) – stone steps, lawn, driveway, stone patio


"The wildflowers really looked beautiful last weekend." – Marge Prohaska (Galena Territory) – wildflower meadow


"Just a note to let you know those two young guys that did the work putting in the trees and rock did a nice job." – Bill Mosor (Galena Territory) – trees, driveway marker


"Thank you for such prompt and great service." - Sally Bischel (Galena Territory) - tree planting


"We were out at the home this weekend and were very pleased with the steps and sidewalk! It was exactly how I envisioned it would look." - Barb Hepola (Galena Territory) - stone steps and flagstone walk


"Work is swell. Done very nicely." - Dick Harmet (Scales Mound) - flagstone walk and gate


"Its been a pleasure working with you" - Penny Johnson (Galena Territory) - lawn, flagstone patio, trees, plants, wood walkway, maintenance, etc


"Great Job. Guys worked very hard and got a lot of work done. Looks absolutely terrific. They followed directions very well. Please extend thanks and compliments to the guys" - Ken Robb" (Galena Territory) - tree planting, reseeding, misc. small jobs


"Thanks for the great landscaping job. We've received many compliments from our family and neighbors. We are very pleased with the back slope and John is elated with the 'Stonehedge' patio." - Kelly & John Soley (Dubuque) - stone walls, gardens


"I thank you for the excellent job that you have done. The restoration of the land involved has been restored and cleanup in a very professional manner." - John Dunakey (Senior Asset Manager: CN railroad) - Galena downtown reconstruction


"The porch looks great." - Katherine Jonas (Apple River) - flagstone porch


"We're thrilled and pleased. Walkway is exactly as they pictured. Very, very happy." - Michael Fitzsimmons (Galena Territory) - giant native stepping stone walkway


"Its beautiful" - Jim Guisto (Apple Canyon Lake) - dock and beach restoration


"Terry did his usual outstanding job." - Bill Kolacek (Apple Canyon Lake) - stone walls, driveway


"Very pleased. Your guys did a very good job." - Ira Asher (Galena Territory) - grill installation


"I just wanted to call to tell you what a wonderful job your guys did. Everything was done exactly as we wanted." - Lu Bleavans (Galena) - garden paths