"It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances"

(Oscar Wilde)

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Surrounded as we are by the striking elevation changes of the scenic Galena / Tri - State area, our designs strive to preserve and accentuate the nature of each client’s property.  Our chief quibble with most of the landscapes we come across is clutter.  The eye and the mind and the soul are not put at ease by these plans (or lack of plans).  In landscape after landscape, too many materials are used (e.g. bricks with railroad ties and stone and concrete and a different stone and two colors of mulch).  The plants do not flow with the surroundings. The paths and walls and surfaces do not efficiently perform their functions.  


Our designs seek to satisfy your goals for the landscape while remaining in balance and harmony with the local environment.  (Pretty artsy and sensitive for a bunch of rednecks, huh?)


Our design credo:


   •    Clarity & Cleanness: use only what is needed, lack of needless adornment


   •    Quiet & Peace: no jarring elements, components flow, no sore thumbs


   •    Materials (hardscape and plantings): consistency and timelessness, no fads, no cheese


   •    Movement, Scent, Sound: plants flowing with the breeze, water gurgling, catmint scent

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