"If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do 

stupid people ask?  Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?"

(Scott Adams)



Is there a charge for quotes? 

No, quotes are free. However, we do charge for our landscape design service. A quote is something specific that you tell us you want, while a design is something we create. Examples of quotes: a rock wall, a driveway, a brick walkway, a maple tree or a bunch of coneflowers. Examples of design work: the client wants a 500 square foot garden that has four season interest, a water fall and a sitting area. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for the cost of design work.


Do quotes accurately reflect the final cost of the project?

Yes, assuming no changes to the scope of the work. For example, if we quote a life-sized replica of the Great Wall of China at $7.31, then the wall will cost $7.31. However, if the client asks us to extend the wall to keep that dog out, the total cost will increase.  Note: It is probably gonna cost more than $7.31 to rebuild the Great Wall.


Can we get this in writing?

Yes. Timp Landscaping uses contracts and change orders for its work.


Do I have to put a deposit down before work begins? 

Typically our contracts call for 20% - 100% of the final cost of project to be paid in advance.






When can we schedule appointments? 

We are happy to meet during working hours Monday thru Friday and Saturday until 11AM. Because many of our clients are only in the Galena area on the weekends, the Friday, Saturday & Monday morning appointments tend to fill up quickly, so please call early if possible.







Is Timp Landscaping insured? 

Yes. We will be happy to provide you with our coverage information.







When can we plant? 

We install plants in spring and fall. Although most plants can be safely installed in either season, there are some exceptions. Please contact us for more specific info.


When can we install a lawn?

Ideally the best time is early fall. It is easier to properly water a new lawn (seed or sod) in the fall because of the cooler temperatures.  Also, the grass has the fall and the next spring to establish before it must deal with the hot summer months. The next best time to seed or sod is spring. The wet and cool spring weather allows us to keep the seed or sod moist for the vital first month. The problem with spring seeding or sodding is the hot summer months. Because the root system of the new grass plants is still relatively immature, a hot or dry summer can be stressful on the plant. Although we do install lawns in the summer, these lawns will require more frequent watering (higher cost), more fixup (higher cost) and are typically weedier and thinner. If you would like more information on the cost differences between summer and fall/spring seeding or sodding, please let us know.


How long will the work take? How soon can we begin?

It depends. (Has a contractor ever answered anything else to this question?) We can usually provide you with a realistic starting and completion date. However, because variables such as the weather, other suppliers (e.g. trees or perennial flowers), spring road weight limits, etc. all influence the work dates, it is difficult to guarantee a specific date. Once we complete our work on controlling the weather, we will be happy to provide firm completion dates.







Do we guarantee our plants and lawns? Yes. Our guarantees are typically for one year. Complete guarantee information is provided with the estimate. Any exceptions will be noted on the estimate (e.g. plants not hardy in our zone or if gallons of Roundup are dumped in the root zone of newly planted trees (don’t laugh – it has happened).





Can we handle a job of this size? 

Usually, yes we can. Our motto is, "No job too big. No fee too big." (apologies to Dr. Venkman)